Welcome to my little corner of the cyber world. It is here that I share with you my photography, and a bit about me. It is my hope that by merging my passions I can make a difference in our troubled world. I care deeply about the rights and freedoms of all beings no matter the race, gender or species. I long for a day that we all can live in peace, free from fear. I hope that my photography can in some small way get us closer to that goal.
Photography: The power of photography has always excited me. I am mesmerized by a camera's ability to capture a moment, a mood, or a beautiful light. Images have a limitless capability to inspire, frighten, educate and warm hearts. For me, photography is a tool to inspire change and awaken compassion within others.
After obtaining a degree in Film Studies and English Literature, I decided to pursue my passion for photography. I then attended the Applied Photography program at Sheridan College. Upon completion I was on my way to becoming a "professional photographer". However, I decided to take my camera on the road before beginning a career as a commercial photographer. Since heading out over 8 years ago, I am still "on the road". I have now travelled to over 50 countries with my camera.
Julie and Mountain Men Travel: Since I was young I fantasized about traveling to far away lands, meeting diverse people and admiring beautiful animals. For me the truest form of education is travel. By immersing ourselves into other cultures and lands we are enlightened about life. I have gained much more from my travels and experiences than money could buy. The beautiful people I have met, the incredible landscapes I have witnessed, and all of the animals that I have cherished, have shaped who I am today.
Animals: No matter where I am in the world I am always enthralled by the innocence, simplicities, and complexities of animals. Animals are all sentient beings who deserve our respect and our compassion.
I spent my childhood in a small Canadian town, surrounded by animals and nature. It was here that I grew admiration for my companions as well as the animals in the wild. These early experiences of wandering through the woods, caressing cows, and playing with puppies created a passion in me to protect these beings that I love and cherish. The suffering that animals endure at the hands of humans everyday is extreme and unjust. The cruelty that animals experience, especially when raised for food or their by-products, has in fact spun out of control. I am devoted to creating a more compassionate world for animals in any way that I can.
This website is a sample of my library which consists of over 10,000 images
and a taste of my journey so far...
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